Sustainable Design

LWDMR’s mission is to improve our built environment by designing and creating projects, which are sustainable, environmentally friendly and aesthetically appealing. Even prior to the “Sustainable Revolution,” LWDMR always made great effort to provide environmentally sustainable strategies, taking into account how each design impacts its surroundings.Our work has always involved many of the tenets of Sustainability.


LWDMR has been key in helping revitalize underutilized properties or previously developed sites all across New Jersey.  Our projects have been sensitive to local Municipal Planning and Zoning Board density requirements for urban development in order to utilize current infrastructure and creating community oriented architecture.

We are quite experienced in meeting with various government agencies and responding to feedback regarding properties, governed by the Division of Land Use Regulations, such as CAFRA, Wetlands Redevelopment, and the Department of Environmental Protection.


LWDMR believes that it is essential that each project adhere to a “Sustainable Action Plan,” which includes a Construction Waste Management plan and a Construction Indoor Air Quality management plan.

LWDMR specifies fixtures, materials and finishes, which are noted for more efficiency, less waste, more recycled content, easily replenished material and wherever possible, regionally manufactured products.


LWDMR has LEED Accredited Professional staff members and works closely with engineers and consultant specialists, who share the belief in sustainability.